Brocade pantsuit, with wide pants and floral print
Costum din brocart, cu pantaloni largi si imprimeu floral
Brocade pantsuit, with wide pants and floral print
Costum din brocart, cu pantaloni largi si imprimeu floral

Brocade pantsuit, with wide pants and floral print

780,00 lei

If you want to make a style statement then a floral print suit is all you need. Combining the masculine cut with the feminine print this costume should be worn with a relaxed attitude and a playful smile. Stylish yet surprising this fabric is perfect for this print, and is surprising how rare you see it used in a complete outfit. The high-waist trousers make you look taller, and the slim cut jacket highlights the waist and completes the stylish look. Closure of the jacket is made with metallic details, visible and that add structure and masculinity to this outfit.

The long lapels accentuate the line of the décolletage, and the color in opposition to the rest of the outfit points and draws attention to the face. Retro or oversized jewelry add value to the print and bring the glamour needed for this cool outfit.

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Product Description

Because our designs imply a great level of customization we have decided to use a one on one consultation before finishing your order online. We want each of the pieces created to fully meet your expectations, we have prepared a short styling consulting session before placing the order. During this phone call, all the details of personalization for the outfit (measures, proportions, colors) will be discussed. Without going through this step, your order will not be processed. Our consultants are waiting for you with style recommendations and all the information necessary to create the outfit you prefer.

Payment is available exclusively on delivery. Card option will be available soon.

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Brocade pantsuit, with wide pants and floral print

1. BUST:

This is not the size of the bra
Do not wear your bra when you measure yourself
Relax your hands next to your body
It is measured under the arm, around the most prominent part with a flexible centimeter


Identify the waistline
It measures above the navel, where the circumference is the smallest
Keep the centimeter lighter to let space for breathing

3. HIPS:

It is measured at the most prominent point of the buttocks

BUST80 cm84 cm88 cm92 cm96 cm
WAIST62 cm66 cm70 cm74 cm78 cm
HIPS86 cm90 cm94 cm98 cm102 cm
Aida Lorena @ Bucharest Fashion Week BFW16