Each collection requires two types of photo sessions.
The Look book is a simple and explicit presentation of all the designed pieces, but the real image of a collection is given by the editorial shooting called Campaign.

The Starlike collection, designed for a seductive, relaxed, and always-in-action woman, needed a special city for the Campaign visuals. We chose Paris to make the most spectacular photo shooting.

Roxana Tanase is the model who embodies the spirit and aesthetics of our Starlike collection.

The mix of  timeless Parisian architecture and the elegant, smart and feminine design of our creations has succeeded in conveying the message and essence of the Starlike collection.

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The dose of elegance

Pointing for an extra dose of elegance, the short dress from the pink powder taffeta perfectly integrates into the landscape of the bridges over the Sena river.

The movement of the model creates a cinematic effect and places the woman who chooses to wear Aida Lorena Atelier in an amazing story.

Among the emblematic buildings of Paris, the Aida Lorena Atelier team brought to life the character that was our true inspiration for creating the collection.

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The spectacular red dress

The spectacular red dress that highlights the silhouette and fits perfectly with an elegant and memorable event was caught in a scene where only the Eiffel Tower draws your attention from the seductive attitude of the model.

Manually applied embroidery on the gray velvet dress complements the décor elements on the Parisian buildings.

The woman who chooses to wear such an elegant and feminine dress desperately wants to wear it in a city full of history, where you meet art at every step and you can shine on any day.

But because Paris is not just a city of classical architecture, we chose to combine a glamorous and colorful outfit with a space with industrial  details and point the contrast between two equally strong aesthetics.

Paris is always a source of inspiration for fashion designers and the place where the most beautiful stories take shape and become reality.

Discover the Starlike campaign and let yourself be taken on the streets of the world's most romantic city-Paris!

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