For any bridal designer Barcelona is the place where trends are set and where the most important actors in the industry meet.

In 2017, Aida Lorena Atelier was present at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, and this opened up our horizons to new markets and gave us inspiration for future collections.

We chose to present models ranging from stylish and romantic, to dresses that have impressed with courage and positive energy.

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Barcelona, a dream come true

Along with famous houses in nearly 100 countries, we’ve featured the creations of an estimated audience of nearly 20,000 visitors. International buyers, fashion journalists and visitors eager to discover where creativity and originality can go have discovered over 25,000 dresses.

Precious materials, haute couture techniques and stylish presentations have given those present the opportunity to understand an industry that works with the dreams of millions of women each year and has the duty to make these dreams come true.

It was a joy and an honor to be one of the most important bridal fashion brands in the world and to represent the Romanian design.

Let yourself be inspired by the creations presented by Aida Lorena Workshop at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2017!

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